Successful Small Business: Be A Builder And Not A Wrecker

Are you truly a builder of a small business? Many self-employed business owners may think they are but the reality is quite the opposite. A positive attitude supported by a clear vision of the future and a marketing business plan to make the future you desire a reality are important. But, there Read More

Warren Buffett’s Thoughts On Business Success and Happiness

The business coaching relationship I have had over the years with many business owners and professionals has afforded me a privileged insight into business success and happiness.  I collaborated with one client who had a great deal of success and yet, was very unhappy.  There were many factors that brought this unhappiness.  The key factor Read More

Business Growth And What’s Eating Your Business?

Small business success is a balancing act. In Running your own business it is easy to lose sight of what is important. Here are some thoughts to keep your focused and in the right direction. Read More

Small Business Growth And The Ant’s Formula For Success

Small business growth is the one common denominator in small business coaching.  In my small business coaching practice, there is not an owner or professional I have collaborated with or supported who does not want to grow.  And, their desire small business growth has two motivations.  The first is financial.  Improved sales and profits will Read More