Is Success About How You Start Or Is It About………?

Society says that success, whether it be in business or life, is about outcome. The reality is that it is about process. A good process will make your small business successful and give you the outcome you desire. Read More

As A Small Business Owner Are You Hiring For Need Or Out Of Neediness?

Learn how to hire for needs. Too often in running a small business hiring is reactionary. The small business owner will take the first person who may meet his needs. In his neediness to fill a position he is willing to overlook the qualifications of the applicant which will lead to greater problems. Read More

In Your Small Business What Is The Influence Of Your Relationships?

In your small business, are your relationships holding you back or are they moving your forward?  When you are a small business owner you will end up having some relationships that you would not have if it weren’t for your business. In all probability, your response to this statement is that this is true.  Yes, being Read More

Small Business Growth And Success: It Is Close.

It may be hard for you to believe that the small business growth and success you desire are close at hand.  Yet, if they are close, how come many of us miss them?  It’s a good question. After all, we have more information available to us today to help us succeed.  With the internet if Read More

Small Business Success Is All About Focus

Small business success is comprised of many ingredients.  Focus is one of the necessary ingredients to not only build a strong business foundation, but to propel you forward to create the business and life you desire. I have many stories as a business owner and as a personal business coach that confirm the fact that focus Read More