Small Business Success: How Are You Fishing In Your Pond?

Small business success isn’t about the pond it’s about how you are fishing in it.  Think of the pond as your market.  How you choose to fish in the pond will determine the number of  fish, or in this case, customers you catch.   In a moment I will share with you a true story about Read More

Small Business Strategy: Are You Flying Standby?

Your small business strategy, whether you are a small business startup or an already established, is critical to your success.  What is a strategy?  It  is putting together a careful plan or method to achieve a goal or a number of goals.  Very often people will ask me for small business tips.  Read More

Small Business Growth: It’s About Confidence and Back Up

Business and life are full of uncertainty.  And, for small business growth to take place you must have back up.  When looking at help for small business, having back up or a contingency plan is essential for success. In business, the concept of backing up or having a contingency plan can mean many different things.  Read More

What Seeds Are You Planting For Small Business Success?

For small business success you must know your target market. Yet knowing your target market isn’t enough. To have small business growth can be tricky if you don’t plant the right seeds with your market. Read More

The Best Small Business Strategy: Persistence

What is the best small business strategy for success?  When you successfully are creating your own business or running your own business, there is no substitute for persistence.   To have persistence you must have a strong belief in what you are doing.  You must be passionate about it.  And, you must have faith.  Belief:  What Read More