Achieving Success: Share Your Vision And Desires With Others

Achieving success in business and life and sharing this vision and desire with others is important.  The successful business owners and professionals I have had the privilege of working with share their vision and desire for success with others.  How come this is important?  First of all I have never found a rich hermit.  You Read More

Reflection And Listening To That Small Voice From Within

Do you practice reflection?  How often have you stuffed a negative feeling?  Most of us have at one time or another.  Is that good?  It depends.  The key to getting clear and moving forward is to take the time for reflection. Sometimes in business and life something or someone comes along and things just don’t Read More

To Be A Leader You Must Learn How To Acknowledge

To be a leader where people want to support you over and above your position there are several things you must do.  Being a good leader will have a positive impact on you whether you own your own business, are an executive or the head of a household. In reality when it comes to leadership Read More

Holding On For Small Business Success

Have you ever felt like you were on the right track for small business success?  Yet, for some reason things weren’t coming together as you planned?  I think most of us who have started a business or run a business have had that feeling of  “when am I going to break through?”.   It tests our Read More

Care: A Key Ingredient To Small Business Success

Several years ago a client of mine, who is small business owner, was complaining about the state of his business.  He had grown his business but now it had stagnated for several years. Sales were starting to decline.  His customers didn’t seem as happy with his product and his customer service.  As I listened, I Read More