The Tipping Point To Business Success: One More Time..A Little Bit More

Last week I saw first hand about the tipping point to business success.  It is truly about one more time and a little bit more. I was collaborating with a business owner.  At the beginning of the year business was slow.  In fact, it was the worst it had been in years.  And, the worst Read More

Attitude And Small Business Success: Input, Output, Reward

Attitude!  Keeping your attitude in the right place is critical to running a successful small business.  Owning your own business is like going to school.  There is always something you can learn.  Before we start learning lessons in business, very often the best lessons we learn are as children.  I have had many things from my Read More

Attitude and Small Business Success: The Connection

I was at a small business seminar several years ago when the speaker in talking about attitude stated that “attitude is everything.”  Whether we agree with that statement or not, I believe we would agree that attitude is extremely important in terms of the success, happiness and fulfillment you will receive in life.   Have you Read More

Success In Business And Life: It’s About Being Above Average

Seldom will your income, happiness, sense of fulfillment and the quality of your relationships exceed your personal development. This is true whether you have a small business or work for a company.  If you see yourself as an average person what is going to make you stand out and attract more than the next person?  Life Read More

Small Business Success: Is It Important Or Is It Critical?

One component of small business success is to know the difference between what is important and what is critical.  If I asked you which you should do first what would be your answer? Without any context your answer would be to do what is critical because it has a greater sense of urgency.  What is Read More

Toy Story 3:Are You Running Your Business And Living Your Life In PLAY Mode?

Too often I have seen the initial joy that comes from running your business turn into a slog in the mud.  It’s not fun because you are no longer in PLAY mode.   When you start feeling this way, your business and life are in DEMO mode.  If you haven’t seen the movie, Toy Story 3, Read More

Success In Business And Life: It’s About What You Carry

In running my own businesses and personal business coaching, I get asked about my understanding of success.  Success in small business and life has many components.  One of the most important has to do with what you are carrying inside of you.  I will return to the idea of what you are carrying at the end Read More