Successful Business Owner? You Must Overcome Fear

You are now a business owner and are taking on the world.  It sounds good and feels good when you tell others, “I self-employed and own my own business.”  The Reality As A Business Owner As a business coach here’s a little secret that you probably already know.  The easiest part, although it can take Read More

Keys To Success In Small Business: Recognizing Failure

 One of the most important keys to success is understanding that failure’s most dangerous attribute is subtlety.  Recognizing failure and taking action to get on the right course is one of the critical keys to success in business and life.  Many people see it as one grand event such a business failing.  Yet, there were many Read More

Small Business Success: Motivation Alone Is Not Enough

Small business success encompasses many things.  Most importantly, your foundation for small business success is based on your motivation.  Your motivation directs you to do whatever you think is valuable.  But to have the small business success you desire, motivation alone is not enough.   Read More

Small Business Success: Raising Your Standards

To move forward and have the small business success you desire it is important that you get out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone can be the zone of mediocrity. Raising your standards will get you out of the comfort zone and move you forward to small business success. Read More

Small Business Success: Facing The Enemy From Within–Fear

To achieve small business success we must face the enemies from within. The number one enemy is fear. Learn some useful tips about where fear comes from and how to overcome it to achieve small business success. Read More