Business Keys To Success: Confrontation

Confrontation is very challenging for most self-employed business owners.  As a personal business coach, and having owned several successful small businesses I found myself in a state of Read More

Business Keys To Success: Become More Solution Oriented

Coming up with a solution, as any self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional knows is the key to advancing in small business.  Small business by its very nature is about Read More

Challenge: The Holidays

For all of us, the Holidays will have an impact on our businesses and lives.  Why?  Even if you don’t celebrate the Holidays, people you know and work with do.  And, there will be three specific days, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, where most business stops or is very limited. And for a time that Read More

Who’s In Charge? The Case For A Job Description

A job description can be the tipping point to having a successful small business.  Too often,the self-employed business owner becomes immersed in performing the business and really doesn’t know what his employees are doing and how they are doing it. This is a recipe for Read More

From The Business Coaching Chronicles: Success Comes In Creating Your Crowd

Small business success for the self-employed business owner doesn’t happen overnight. As this story shows, success is truly a process of one step at a time. Read More

Action: You May Talk The Talk But You Must Walk The Walk

Action is the bridge the self-employed business owner must cross to have small business success. Action is the bridge between involvement and commitment. Read More

From The Business Coaching Chronicles: Small Business Success

Small business success very often is mirrored in personal success that comes from embracing personal development. Improve your personal life and very often it will improve your business. Read More