As A Small Business Owner Are You Hiring For Need Or Out Of Neediness?

Hiring?  As a small business owner here’s the question.  Are you hiring for need, or out out of neediness?

How often have you seen business owners and businesses with great promise never go anywhere?  If you are like me, you have seen it many times.  There are many reasons this could happen but I would like to focus on hiring for the right reasons.

Recently, a small business owner in a service business in my town had to hire his first office help.  He was desperate.  When you are a month behind in your invoicing and your receivables are lagging as a result, you are desperate.  Throw in a poor to non-existent filing system and a check book that hasn’t been balanced and you have created the you major problems.

The owner was exceptional at obtaining business but he was poor at keeping it.

As a small business owner the most critical decisions you will make have to do with the people you hire.  And, if you are in a position where you don’t need to hire but can contract out needed services to others, these people will make or break your business.

Back to the story…..the business owner hired a lady to take care of everything.  He had a need.  But, because he was in such disarray he was extremely needy.

He hired the first person that, in his mind, came close to fulfilling his needs.  It turned out that she was likeable and proficient at filing but not much else.

The result was predictable.  Things went from bad to worse.  And, now the owner was able to blame the “new hire” for his problems.  The truth was that he was the problem. Because he hired out of neediness he willingly overlooked the fact that the lady he hired was not qualified.

In a moment of truth he admitted that he was hoping she could learn the other things.  Always be aware if you are in a state of neediness as a business owner. If you are, the chances are that you will not hire or contract with the right people.

Then you hire and put your true needs first, that will take care of your neediness.  But, when you hire out of neediness first, it is a prescription for failure.  Why?  Because the many small errors that have been repeated everyday will continue and if they do, it will lead to failure.

It sounds simple but it bears repeating.  Be clear about your needs. Hire for your needs.

When you hire for your needs you will be building a strong foundation for small business success by better meeting the needs of your business and your customers.

What are your thoughts on hiring?  How do you go about finding the right people?

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