Business Keys To Success: You Are Responsible For Your Attitudes

Life is full of surprises, and the adjustment of our attitudes is a lifelong project. Think about your destiny in business and life. It will never be determined by our complaining spirits or high expectations. In my business coaching practice and in my own life I had to come face to face with my attitudes. Read More

What’s Your Ticket To Greater Small Business Success

Although small business success can be defined in different ways I have learned from my own businesses and from being a personal business coach that there is, in the long run, one thing that every self-employed business owner wants. They want greater freedom. In coaching success I have discovered that the entrepreneurs and solo professionals Read More

Successful Business Performance: It’s About Raising Your Standards

Successful business performance and how it is tied to raising your standards was the focus of a client meeting I had at the beginning of the year. He was looking for 2010 to be a breakout year. Things were going well. The marketing of his company was producing very positive results. His forays into advertising Read More

Business Keys To Success: Leader-A Larger Field of View

Leader-The Larger Context A leader has a larger field of view. John Maxwell in The 360-Degree Leader shares the following thoughts. Most people evaluate events in their lives according to how they will be personally affected. Leaders think within a broader context. They start by asking themselves, How this will impact those they lead? They Read More

How Have You Grown?

When we speak about growth and results more often than not, we measure it with numbers. Sales were up Profits were down My grades were in the top ten percent I ran a mile in 10 minutes Numbers are absolutely critical to measuring results……in most areas. It is easy to get number focused and miss Read More


John Maxwell in reflecting on how to win with people say to get out of your “own little world.” In order to connect with more people in a positive way you always need to be expanding your view. Otherwise the types of relationships you have will have a great deal of sameness and not add Read More


Life is full of surprises, and the adjustment of our attitudes is a lifelong project. Only when you adjust your attitudes can you experience more of the wonderful things life has to offer. If you believe that the only way to travel is to walk your range will be limited. If you have a positive Read More