Personal Business Coaching

To be successful in business you must have two things.

1. Accounting-It tells you where you have been. That’s very important.
2. Accountability-It is the most important because it tells you what you have been doing.

A Personal Business Coach Is Your Accountability Partner. He or she will hold you accountable for what you are doing. And, the best part is that YOU get to create how you want to be held accountable.

And, when you are willing to be held accountable you have crossed the line from involvement to COMMITMENT.

COMMITMENT is the essential ingredient for long term success.
What is the real problem? And, what are the consequences of not solving the problem?

Have you ever felt stuck or overwhelmed? You wish things would change but somehow they remain the same.
Are you experiencing success in one area but not in another?

Or, is business and life turned into a slog through the mud?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Problems can cause lack of focus, low energy and failure to act.
And, the consequences of not solving your problems or challenges can lead to failure in your business and life.Life isn’t a practice session.

Will it make any more sense tomorrow than it does today to address your challenges and more forward to the business and life you desire?

It will be as you wish.

What can a personal business coach do for me?

Challenges and overcoming them are essential to business and personal success. If you are already a business owner or solo professional or thinking about starting your own business, a personal business coach will be your accountability partner. Your accountability partner, who supports and collaborates with you to overcome your challenges and, in the process, accelerate the process of your successful performance.

And there is one more important thing. A personal business coach will assist you in creating the vision of the future you want. This becomes your roadmap to having the business and life you desire. In collaborating with a personal business coach, you will not only create your future but start taking steps to make it a reality.

After all, once the future is finished in your mind. What you need to do in the present becomes absolutely clear.
Who hires a personal business coach?

This may surprise you. Very often it is a business person who is successful or on their way to success. They may feel, stuck, overwhelmed or need some direction. Most business owners understand that they can spend more money but they can’t spend more time. What if you could cut down the cycle time to resolve challenges and start working more “on your business” instead of “in your business?” After all, the goal for most is to have a better business and a better life.

Coaching can address whatever you want it to. Personal business coaching is about “WHO” you are and overcoming challenges in a manner that works for you. This is not a cookie cutter approach.
What are some of the reasons for having a personal business coach?

You want personal access and attention.
You want answers to your questions.
You need support when you get stuck.
You are afraid of failing.
You want to minimize your risk.
You need affirmation.
You are looking for feedback.
You desire a voice of wisdom
You want to maximize your chance of success.

What are some of the benefits in having a personal business coach?

Increasing your positive momentum from consistently moving through challenges by accomplishing your goals and dreams.
Accountability partner and informal board of directors to accelerate the process of your successful performance.
More income and a life with greater fulfillment.?
A happier life because you have a business and life that honors who you are.
Create the future you desire.
Design pathways in the present to give you the future you desire.
Peace of mind from knowing that you are on your track to success
You run your business. Your business doesn’t run you.
Unconditional support and a secure place to express yourself.
Your wake up call when you don’t hear your own.
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