Job seekers or those wishing for
a better or different career.

Just Like I Didn’t


When Monday morning comes are you full of anticipation? Or are you dreading another de-energizing day and week? Remember that in a pack of dogs the scenery never changes unless you become the lead dog.


Become the lead dog in your life!


Read no further unless you are truly committed to having the job, career and life you desire. The sad truth is that most people spend more time on planning their next car purchase than they do their careers.


“Do you wish you had a better job? Do you feel stuck where you are at? Would you like to find an exciting job or career? Or would you just like to find a job?”


Regardless of what you are looking for I can show you how to move from where you are at to where you want to go.

Here’s the little secret that can change your life. Life isn’t about outcome. It’s about process. Process determines outcome.


Let Me Show You That with a Better Process You Can Put the odds in your favor of finding the career or position you desire


Do you want a job? Are you looking for a rewarding career? Let me take you under the hood of the search process to put the odds in your favor to have the job or career you desire.


  • Easy Part:
    LOOK for a job.

  • Hard Part:
    FIND a job.

  • Most Difficult Part:
    LAND the job or get into a career you love.

How come so many people can’t find a job? Is it their resume? A good resume is always a plus. You must meet certain basic requirements for an employer. After all your skills and education must be a match.


Very often, the way your resume is written can turn it into instant trash.


Is it the process you are using? For most people, the answer is yes. They don’t have a job friendly process. The reality is that the very act of looking for a job puts up an invisible wall that keeps you from connecting with others the way you would like to.


And, once you do get an interview, do you know how to interview well? Most people can relate well to an interviewer but they don’t interview well. There’s a huge difference.

One of the great challenges in today’s increasingly paperless and impersonal world is to find a way to stand out from the crowd. If you are using the same process as everyone else it is hard, if not impossible to stand out.


Let me show you a process that will help you stand out and improve your positioning to find the job or career you desire.


The Process takes 3 short weeks


  • I will personally collaborate with you on writing your resume to accentuate and highlight your accomplishments.

  • I will take you through some of the tricky interview questions and how to turn them to your advantage. Yes, we will do role playing.

  • I will give you the questions that your references need to be able to answer. If they can’t answer them correctly, they don’t need to be references.

  • I will give you a step by step process for generating leads to get you front of people who can help you get where you want to go in terms of job or career.

Let me repeat. All of this is done in 3 weeks. It is intense. My goal is to have you up and going to where you always have something positive to look forward to, know that you are in a good process and if you follow it, you increase the probability of having the outcome you desire.


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Steve Scott


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