Keys To Success: Get Out Of The Middle!

Stuck In The Middle-Caged

Stuck In The Middle Of Your Own Cage

There is a song from the 70’s by Stealers Wheel, Stuck In The Middle With You.  You can check out an interesting video that goes with the song at:

In my personal business coaching practice I have observed the negative consequences of being stuck.  In small business you may be earning good money but are stuck with an employee situation.  Or, you need more sales but you aren’t sure how to go about it. Running a small business successfully is about overcoming challenges and in the process avoiding being stuck.

Let me add that I have been stuck in business and personally.  I know how it feels.  It’s not a happy place. Develop the skills to get unstuck and your business and life will be much more fun.

Stuck In The Middle

What does being stuck in the middle have to do with the keys to success?  The short answer is that when you are in the middle you are stuck.  Picture yourself with opposing forces pushing on either side of you.  You’ve heard the expression, “squeezed in the middle.” 

When you are being squeezed it is virtually impossible to move forward.  Yet for some individuals and self-employed business owners they stay squeezed in the middle and stuck.  Their businesses and lives are monotonous repeat of the same routines and problems day in and day out. This is not a formula for small business success or growth.

And they remain stuck in the middle because they won’t change their thinking.  Only by changing their thinking and how they see themselves and their situation can they start to get unstuck and to moving forward.

The rewards for getting unstuck are great.  You will feel better about yourself, your business and your life.  And, others will find you more attractive.  But the first step is to change your thinking.  

The Middle Of The Road And Why It Is Bad

When I was growing up my Dad would always tell me when I was stuck in my thinking to “get out of the middle of the road.”  He told me that the middle of the road is where the most accidents happen. 

Don’t drift over that center line with your thinking.  He told me to take a stand.  He encouraged me to get to the side of the road and decide on my direction. 

He pointed out that once I was clear in my thinking (direction) and got to the side of the road I was much less likely to have major accidents which could stop me in my tracks from having the life or business I desired. 

When You Are In The Middle Things Are Not Clear

When your thinking on a situation or challenge is in the middle then nothing is taking place.  More often than not the strength of the push to a bright future is about equal to the pull of the past. 

When the pull of the past and the push of the future are about equal you stay stuck in the present.  Once again, you can get unstuck and out of the middle by changing your thinking. 

Getting Unstuck And Out Of The Middle

The first step is to create in your mind the future you desire.  Focus your mind on what you truly want.  Have exciting goals.

When you have goals, the push of the future gets greater than the pull of the past a couple of things start happening.  You gain momentum and forward movement.  The Benefit: You get unstuck.  You get out of the middle and now can move forward to the business and life you desire.

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