Keys To Success: Let Old Beliefs Go

Beliefs-Can You Lift The Weight?

Beliefs-Do You Believe You Are Ready For More?

Our beliefs guide our every day life.  We choose to do whatever we believe is important.  Yes, our lives are a choice.  And when you are running a small business you get to make those choices every day. 

Whether you are a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional or an individual seeking greater success and happiness it is important that you not only examine your beliefs but to let go of the ones that aren’t working for you.

Beliefs:  What Isn’t Working?

When you look at your beliefs you are looking at the most personal of all things, how you see yourself and your world.  If you are unhappy or continually lack satisfaction or fulfillment in your business and life you must be honest with yourself about your beliefs and which ones are not working. 

Obviously, if they were working your life would be different.  But, they aren’t.  In coaching success, the first step to having greater personal and small business success is to understand what isn’t working.

Beliefs:  It Will Be As You Wish

Your beliefs are a choice.  Many of our beliefs are based on real life experience.  Yet, two people can have the same experience and come away with two different beliefs as to the effect that the experience had on them. 

Once you have identified the beliefs that aren’t working you must decide what you are going to do to alter them or replace them. 

In my personal business coaching practice I find this decision process is very difficult.  One step is to create a vision of the future you want.  This vision is different than what you have now.  Goal setting is an extremely important part of this process.

Only when you have a different vision of the future can you start the process of adapting new beliefs to improve your business and life.  Your life and future will be as you wish.

Beliefs:  Replacing The Old With The New

Replacing your closely held beliefs is the most difficult challenge.  First, you are having to admit to yourself that you didn’t get some things right.  That is a humbling experience.

Secondly, you have to have the courage to step out of the comfort zone of your old beliefs.  Once you understand that comfort zone is the zone of mediocrity it is easier to move forward.

There is no way you can have the personal or small business success you desire unless you commit to changing your beliefs. 

To change your beliefs create a different vision of the future.  The first step is to change your thinking.  When you change your thinking you will change your habits.  When you change your habits you will change your activities.  When you change your activities your will change your results. 

At this point your beliefs will have changed because you are thinking differently, acting differently and as a result getting different results.

Will doubt creep in?  When changing our beliefs doubt is always the enemy.  Take a sword to doubt.  When you kill doubt you keep moving forward and keep getting different results. 

Here’s the best part.  When you get different results you become a true believer.  You have let go of your old beliefs.  Your new beliefs take over and you and your business and life are changed for the better.

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