Success Planning (1): The Holidays & Small Business Success

Success PlanningSuccess planning and small business success are influenced by how you handle the Holiday Season.  You want to start in high gear in January, yet for many there is a Holiday hangover. 

How do you cure that possible Holiday hangover and put yourself into a good position for small business success and personal growth come January 1?  After all, success planning is not just about business.  It is about you personally. 

Success Planning & Small Business Success:  Overcoming Holiday Challenges

Let’s look at some challenges to success planning during the Holidays.

  1. Routines that have become like old, dear friends are cast aside.  Most people don’t welcome change.  The reason the Holidays are stressful is that they are all about change. 


Too often, whether you are starting your own business or running a small business, holding to your normal routine and trying to control things becomes an overriding concern. 

Let go and enjoy the people and the season.  Put the focus on others and take the focus off of yourself.  When you do you will feel better about yourself and you will build some momentum going into January. 

  1. Get out of your own way. Do something special for others.  This is the time of year to give.  What you do during this time can have a positive or negative impact on your family, loved ones and friends for a long time.  Take the focus off of yourself.  Success planning at this time of year is about you having a plan to make this a good and memorable time.


Success Planning & Small Business Success:  It’s In The Relationships

  1. Relationships that during the rest of the year lie dormant are reactivated during the Holidays.  Talk about a challenge and a great stressor.  Some are an absolute joy to renew.  Unfortunately, some of these may be draining or irritating.  Success planning in business and life is about relationships. 


Something I do is to pretend that those negative relationships are like clients or customers.  Part of success planning in business is to satisfy customer needs while overlooking their quirks and peculiarities.  I take this same approach and make it a game to see how I can make a stressful relationship work for me. 

Success Planning & Small Business Success:  It’s All Personal

Whether you are an entrepreneur, solo professional, self-employed business owner or work in a company take a look at the above points and see how they may help you through the Holidays. 

As a personal business coach and in coaching success I can assure you that the better you handle the Holidays the stronger will be your position to have a good January and to have the small business success that you seek.

Success planning is not just for your small business or your career.  Success planning is for the most important thing, your life.

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