Personal Foundation-How To Walk Tall In Business And Life

A strong personal foundation is a key to success in small business and life. Here are some tips to walk tall and stand tall on your path to success. Read More

Keys To Success: Kill Neglect

Neglect is the mother of failure. One of the keys to success is to learn how to address neglect and stop the infection it creates in your business and life. Read More

Is Success About How You Start Or Is It About………?

Society says that success, whether it be in business or life, is about outcome. The reality is that it is about process. A good process will make your small business successful and give you the outcome you desire. Read More

As A Small Business Owner Are You Hiring For Need Or Out Of Neediness?

Learn how to hire for needs. Too often in running a small business hiring is reactionary. The small business owner will take the first person who may meet his needs. In his neediness to fill a position he is willing to overlook the qualifications of the applicant which will lead to greater problems. Read More

Performance Strategy For Small Business Success

No one enjoys failure. Failure is part of the learning and success process. The greatest danger is to not be aware when you are failing? Learn to recognize failure before it becomes one grand event. Read More

Failure Is About The Stones In Your Pond…..

Failure’s most dangerous attribute is subtlety. Small business success is determined in large part by being able to recognize the small errors in judgment before they can become the grand event that is failure. Read More