Successful Business Performance: It’s About Raising Your Standards

Successful business performance and how it is tied to raising your standards was the focus of a client meeting I had at the beginning of the year. He was looking for 2010 to be a breakout year. Things were going well. The marketing of his company was producing very positive results. His forays into advertising Read More

From The Business Coaching Chronicles: The Power Of Momentum

Keeping momentum is difficult in small business. Learn to create the power of positive momentum to carry you, your business and life to where you want to go. Read More

Challenge: The Holidays

For all of us, the Holidays will have an impact on our businesses and lives.  Why?  Even if you don’t celebrate the Holidays, people you know and work with do.  And, there will be three specific days, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, where most business stops or is very limited. And for a time that Read More

The Job Search Challenge—What Is Your Job Search Process?

Your job search process is the key to increasing the odds of favorable results. Here are some tips to give you more leads and increase your success. Read More

Keys To Success: Priorities

Personal and small business success are about priorities. Here are some tips on priorities and how to take your business and life to the next level. Read More

Keys To Success: Get Out Of The Middle!

Stuck in the middle? Personal or small business success comes when you are unstuck. Discover some things to take you out of the middle and to success. Read More

Keys To Success: Momentum

Momentum is one the the most elusive keys to success. Here are some tips to bring momentum to your small business and your life. Read More

Small Business Success: Raising Your Standards

To move forward and have the small business success you desire it is important that you get out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone can be the zone of mediocrity. Raising your standards will get you out of the comfort zone and move you forward to small business success. Read More

Small Business Success Is All About Focus

Small business success is comprised of many ingredients.  Focus is one of the necessary ingredients to not only build a strong business foundation, but to propel you forward to create the business and life you desire. I have many stories as a business owner and as a personal business coach that confirm the fact that focus Read More

Is Your Flight Plan Lifting You To Success Or………

What is your flight plan for starting your own business? And, will that plan lift you above the clouds to the success you desire? Are you starting with only a partial flight plan?  To have the success you desire you must have a startup business plan. First, design what you want the business to look like.  It Read More