Business Keys To Success: Discernment

“Discernment can be described as the ability to find the root of the matter, and it relies on intuition as well as rational thought.  Discernment is an indispensable quality for any leader who desires to maximize effectiveness.”—John Maxwell In “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader” Maxwell goes onto talk about the value of practicing Read More

From The Business Coaching Chronicles-Practice Pre-Choice

In running a small business practicing pre-choice can be the key to making better decisions. Pre-choice, opportunity and success go hand in hand. Read More

Keys To Success: Catch A Thief

Personal and small business success are dependent on your ability to catch a thief. Learn to identify some thieves that steal from you every day and what you can do to catch them. Read More

Keys To Success: The Right Habits

Everything starts with our habit of how we think about ourselves. Here is a true story about prison and how our habits can make us prisoners in our own life. Read More

Keys To Success: What’s Your Worth?

One of the keys to success is to know your worth. Discover how to determine your worth to have the small business success and life you desire. Read More

What’s Your Startup Business Plan For You In 2011?

To have the success you want in 2011 you must have a startup business plan for YOU. Learn how to enlarge yourself to add to your business and your life. Read More

What Seeds Are You Planting For Small Business Success?

For small business success you must know your target market. Yet knowing your target market isn’t enough. To have small business growth can be tricky if you don’t plant the right seeds with your market. Read More