Business Keys To Success: The Power of Focus

As a young boy growing up in Chappaqua, New York I learned about the power of focus.  Unfortunately, I was learning how to use the power of focus this bright fall day but I didn’t have the wisdom to use it properly. I was always intrigued by my Dad’s magnifying glass.  My Dad wasn’t home Read More

Who’s In Charge? The Case For A Job Description

A job description can be the tipping point to having a successful small business.  Too often,the self-employed business owner becomes immersed in performing the business and really doesn’t know what his employees are doing and how they are doing it. This is a recipe for Read More

Keys To Success: Set Goals For Growth

Goals are critical to small business success and to personal success. Here are some insights on goals to bring motivation to take you to the next level. Read More

Keys To Success: Being Mission Conscious

Small business success can be greatly accelerated by having a mission statement that brings the owner, employees and customers into alignment with each other. Read More

Keys To Success: Your Power Is In Your Dream

There is power in your dreams. A dream begins the process of achievement in your small business and life. Dream in detail. Business and life will come alive. Read More

Keys To Success: An Attitude Of Competence

Competence. It is not just in how you do things. It is an attitude. Learn about this key to success and how it can take you to higher levels. Read More

Keys To Success: Employees

One of the keys to success in small business is to hire your first employee. Discover some things that may be holding you back or that can help you have a better business and life that employees can bring. Read More