Business Keys To Success: Your Daily Attitude

One of the great discoveries of my life was that I truly do have control over my attitude.  I used to play competitive tennis in high school and college.  At one time, especially in high school, I was considered to be a very good tennis player.  A High School Attitude When I was in high Read More

Keys To Success: Good Mental Health

For small business and personal success you must have good mental health. Here are some tips to keep your mental health and you at the top of your game. Read More

Keys To Success: Catch A Thief

Personal and small business success are dependent on your ability to catch a thief. Learn to identify some thieves that steal from you every day and what you can do to catch them. Read More

Keys To Success: Your Budget Is Your Success Plan

One of the keys to success is to have a budget. It may sound boring but having a business and personal budget can bring you great individual and small business success. Read More

Keys To Success: Who Are You Hanging With? (Part 2)

One of the keys to success in small business and life is to know what your relationships are doing to you. Here are some things to avoid to have success. Read More

Success In Business And Life: It’s About Good Mental Health

Success in business and life is about the journey.  What is the journey?  First of all it is about our health.  Our health will determine the quality of our journey through business and life. Most of the time people focus on physical health.  In reality, mental health is the more important aspect. To have a successful Read More

Small Business Success: Are You Trying To Flying Solo?

Are you trying to fly solo? Too often I have heard smart business people say that the secret to small business success is if you want things done right then you have to do it yourself.  If you think about it that is a no growth formula.    In fact, it is the formula for small Read More

Care: A Key Ingredient To Small Business Success

Several years ago a client of mine, who is small business owner, was complaining about the state of his business.  He had grown his business but now it had stagnated for several years. Sales were starting to decline.  His customers didn’t seem as happy with his product and his customer service.  As I listened, I Read More

Small Business Strategy: Are You Flying Standby?

Your small business strategy, whether you are a small business startup or an already established, is critical to your success.  What is a strategy?  It  is putting together a careful plan or method to achieve a goal or a number of goals.  Very often people will ask me for small business tips.  Read More

In Your Small Business What Is The Influence Of Your Relationships?

In your small business, are your relationships holding you back or are they moving your forward?  When you are a small business owner you will end up having some relationships that you would not have if it weren’t for your business. In all probability, your response to this statement is that this is true.  Yes, being Read More