Successful Business Performance: It’s About Raising Your Standards

Successful business performance and how it is tied to raising your standards was the focus of a client meeting I had at the beginning of the year. He was looking for 2010 to be a breakout year. Things were going well. The marketing of his company was producing very positive results. His forays into advertising Read More

Business Keys To Success: Change Is Inevitable-Growth Is Optional

I know everyone reading this post has experienced change.  Yet change doesn’t mean growth.  I thought I was growing because Read More

Business Keys To Success: Who Is Your Leader?

Are you a leader? Character is one measure of leadership. Who you associate with is also an important component to being a leader. Read More

Keys To Success: A Reputation To Uphold

Having a good reputation is a key to small business success. Give your employees a good reputation to hold up and increase the odds for success. Read More

Small Business Success: Raising Your Standards

To move forward and have the small business success you desire it is important that you get out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone can be the zone of mediocrity. Raising your standards will get you out of the comfort zone and move you forward to small business success. Read More

Small Business Help. The Answer May Be On The Inside.

Small business help comes in many forms. It can be a personal business coach or a new system. Yet, the greatest source of help very often come from the inside, not the outside. In owning your own business when you put yourself together your business world will come together. Read More