Who’s In Charge? The Case For A Job Description

A job description can be the tipping point to having a successful small business.  Too often,the self-employed business owner becomes immersed in performing the business and really doesn’t know what his employees are doing and how they are doing it. This is a recipe for Read More

Keys To Success: Vision

Vision. It may seem overused but it is critical to success. Here are some thoughts on vision and how to use it to lead and to create small business success. Read More

Small Business Success: Facing The Enemy From Within–Fear

To achieve small business success we must face the enemies from within. The number one enemy is fear. Learn some useful tips about where fear comes from and how to overcome it to achieve small business success. Read More

Successful Small Business: Be A Builder And Not A Wrecker

Are you truly a builder of a small business? Many self-employed business owners may think they are but the reality is quite the opposite. A positive attitude supported by a clear vision of the future and a marketing business plan to make the future you desire a reality are important. But, there Read More