Business Keys To Success: Add Value To People

Your attitude determines what you value. And when it comes to people it is no different. Human relations expert Les Giblin remarked, “You can’t make the other fellow feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.” Isn’t that true? I think you would agree that you find it difficult to do something kind for people when you dislike them?

How Do You Value People

Many years ago I read that the way we see people is often the difference between manipulating and motivating them. In my personal business coaching practice one of the things I collaborate on with self-employed business owners, corporate executives and corporate managers is the atmosphere they are creating in their business or area.

Ask yourself the question. Do your people or associates feel motivated or manipulated? If we don’t want to help them, yet we want them to help us, then we get in trouble. Small business success along with corporate and personal success if it is to be long-term, depends on motivation.

Your Results Depend On How You Value People

You manipulate people when you move them for your personal advantage. However, we motivate people when we move them for mutual advantage. Adding value to others is often a win-win proposition.

You may say isn’t all of life and business a manipulation? I would agree with you in a general sense. Hopefully, you are manipulating a situation to where it is a win-win more often than not. When you do that you motivate people. But if you aren’t you are encouraging others to plant the seeds to sabotage you and your dreams.

How Do You See Value In People?

How do you see people? Are they potential recipients of value you can give, or do they tend to be nuisances along your path to success? Author Sydney J. Harris said, “People want to be appreciated, not impressed. They want to be regarded as human beings, not as sounding boards for other people’s egos. They want to be treated as an end in themselves, not as a means towards the gratification of another’s vanity”

How do you stay on the right path in seeing and bringing value to people? If you want to add value to people, you have to value them first.

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