Business Keys To Success: Become An Influencer

Influencer--Guiding Your Ship

Are you an influencer?  All of us are influencers in some way in the lives of others.  As a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional, you bring your influence to those who work with you, support you or purchase your product or service.

Yet, to be an influencer that goes beyond your immediate authority as a business owner you must also be a nurturer.

Influencer:  How Are Others Responding To You?

In some ways people respond similarly to the way some animals do.  And like animals people need to be cared for, not just physically, but emotionally.

As a personal business coach I have observed whether you are starting up your own business or running a small business, a great deal of your success will be determined on how well you emotionally nurture others.

Think about it.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of good business ideas.  How come more don’t succeed?  The self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional falls short as an influencer in emotional nurturing.

Influencer:  What Are You Giving?

Small business growth and small business success are due in large measure to what the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional will give to others.  A winning growth strategy is about properly feeding those around you.

To be a great influencer you must offer regular and genuine encouragement and recognition along with security and hope.  If you offer these you going to be an influencer that also becomes a nurturer.

Influencer:  Have A Genuine Concern For Others

Too often we focus on growth of business and miss growth in business.  The second one, growth in business is about how well you influence and nurture the people around you.

If you mistakenly believe that by being an authority figure and pointing out others weaknesses and errors that you will be a good influencer you are wrong.  It’s not that these things should not be pointed out.  They should be.

But, if there is not an atmosphere of nurturing you will not be building support.  You will be tearing your small business down from within.

To be a great influencer and leader you cannot create anything permanent if you dislike, despise or disparage others.  You must give them encouragement, acknowledgement and respect.

You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.  When you understand that you can become great influencer.



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