Business Keys To Success: Being Approachable

Be Approachable

Being Approachable Creates a Ring of Friendship

Being approachable over my career has brought me opportunities and contacts I could never have imagined.  I attribute much of the success I have experienced and continue to experience to being approachable.  Obviously there are other important factors.  But being approachable and having the ability to connect are in the top five.

Opportunity for a better business and life constantly pass by you but opportunity won’t stop if you are not approachable.  Someone gets the promotion.  The other person doesn’t.  One person gets the sale.  The other person doesn’t.  One person is told about an opportunity to give them a competitive edge.  The other person never hears about it.

In my personal business coaching practice I encourage every client whether they are a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional, corporate manager or executive to be approachable.

There is an interesting law at work here.  The more approachable you are the greater the opportunities personally and professionally will come your way.  I’ve never met a rich hermit.

Are The People In Your Life Approachable?

I am sure you have met people who seem cold and forbidding.  And you’ve met people who treat you like an old friend from day one.  This isn’t an issue with just high profile people.  I can look at my associations in the various organizations I belong to and tell you who is approachable and who is not.

To get a perspective on you and your life you may want to ask this question:  How approachable are the most important people in your life?  When you need to ask your boss a question, is it easy or difficult?  When you need to talk to your spouse about a difficult subject, do you expect a dialogue or a fight?

Are You Approachable?

As I said, “I have never found a rich hermit.”  What about you?  Are you approachable?  You may think you are.  And, you may be surprised at how others truly see you.  I have clients who are very approachable on what I call “logic” matters.  Yet, they are distant on “emotional” matters.  And, I have clients who are just the opposite.  They are very approachable emotionally but on the logic they are distant.

Can the people closest to you talk to you about nearly anything?  Here’s a test.  When was the last time someone brought you bad news?  Or when was the last time someone strongly disagreed with your point of view on an issue?  Or confronted you with something you did wrong?  If it has been a while, you may not be a very approachable person.

Be Approachable

Some people treat the idea of becoming approachable as frivolous; it’s a nice thing if one can be bothered to cultivate it.  I have three online training courses that can give you insights to being more approachable among other keys and ultimately garnering more of the opportunities life has to offer.  Check out the following:

Being approachable is a key to your success.  It is a powerful asset to have in your relational toolbox.  In the words of the famous shoe manufacturer, “Just Do It.”  Be approachable.



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