Business Keys To Success: Who Is Your Leader?


Leader-What Is Your Circle of Influence?

In a previous post we looked at leadership models and the questions you want to ask to find a good leader or mentor.  The power and influence of our associations is an awesome power. And, our associations can have a great impact on what and who we become.

Business Keys To Success:  Finding a Leader for the Leader

Too often in finding a mentor or role model we find certain things that are attractive and can overlook the negatives.  Overlook the negatives at your own peril.

In my personal business coaching practice the primary obstacle that holds back the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional from the small business growth they desire is their associations.

Associate with the right people and amazing things will happen.

John Maxwell in Developing the Leaders Around You has some questions that are worth asking to minimize the risk of having the wrong mentors or leaders in our lives.

Is the Life of the Leader Worth Following?

Look at the integrity of the individual.  You may love their thoughts.  You may love their passion.  You may love both their thoughts and passion.  But, without integrity, which is habitual honesty through and through this becomes a very dangerous situation.

A leader without integrity will destroy people.  A leader with integrity will build them up.  Integrity is a must in a good leader.

What Is the Strength of the Leader?

Very often we are attracted to a leader because they exemplify a strength that we desire to have.  Look at the whole leader.  What does this leader have to offer you?  What is his single best trait?

Conversely, all leaders have weaknesses as well as strengths.  Be aware of the weaknesses because you don’t want to emulate them.  This does not mean if the leader has a weakness he is a bad leader.  The key is to be aware.  Awareness can protect us from danger and allow us to grab opportunities as they present themselves.

Does My Leader Produce Other Leaders?

Most small business owners are looking for small business growth.  A growth in business and a growth strategy promoting it are nothing unless you, as the business owner, can produce other leaders.

I encourage small business owners to find a leader who has produced other leaders.  Growth in business is about creating new leaders to fill positions as you experience growth in business.  Find a leader who does produce other leaders and you will learn the pathways to take your business and life to the next level.




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