Business Keys To Success: Your Daily Attitude


What’s Your Attitude?

One of the great discoveries of my life was that I truly do have control over my attitude.  I used to play competitive tennis in high school and college.  At one time, especially in high school, I was considered to be a very good tennis player. 

A High School Attitude

When I was in high school my coach would talk about attitude.  And, it was always in the context of how a good attitude would help me play better.  Interestingly, the sermons on attitude would always come after I didn’t have a good match.  I won most of my matches but at times I did not play well.

I wasn’t a deep thinker in high school.  I didn’t understand the attitude thing except that if I felt positive about something I was much more likely to do better at it.  With a poor attitude the results of my efforts were not going to be good.

Even though I understood this basic difference I didn’t know how to get myself to have a good attitude.  My coach would tell me to visualize a successful outcome.  That was a good start.  But then I would get out on the court and after warming up with my opponent I would notice how my attitude had changed.

Attitude-Are You Warming Up To Play?

In the warm ups where I just hit the ball back and didn’t try to do anything my attitude going into the match was not very positive.  I didn’t have a lot of energy.  When I took an aggressive approach and tried to practice all my shots I had a very positive approach to the match.

I had more energy.  And, I was much more likely to play well with this aggressive warm up approach which brought focus to the task at hand, and ultimately win.  When this approach was coupled with my positive visualization of victory, more often than not, I won.

What was even more fun was this approach enabled me to find ways to win against opponents who were supposed to be superior.  The lesson I learned on the tennis courts has carried throughout my life.

In my personal business coaching practice for my clients, who range from small business owners to corporate executives, to have success they must have a good attitude.  They must have a picture of a successful outcome.

Act Your Way To A Good Attitude

But for that to happen they must learn what I learned about attitude.  You can’t feel your way into a good attitude.  But you can act your way into a good attitude and feeling good about yourself and the outcome.

Take an inventory on your attitude.

  • In what areas would you like to see your attitude improve?
  • Visualize a successful outcome
  • What steps do you need to take for this successful outcome to become a reality?
  • Start with your first steps now.  Someday, sometime doesn’t work

As Zig Ziglar said, “Your attitude will determine your altitude.”  Start today by taking the action steps to build your attitude for success.


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