You have to have some learning and education just to survive, let alone succeed. There are many ways to learn and to become educated.

You can learn from your own mistakes. You can learn from the mistakes or others. That is usually less expensive and time consuming. You can learn from what you read. You can learn from plays, music, books and what you watch on TV.

You can also learn by listening. But let me add a word of caution. Learn to become a selective listener. Just don’t let anybody dump into your mental and emotional garden.

Jim Rohn has some intriguing insights into education and learning.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

For too many the education stops when they get out of school. Yes, people learn things as they go along the time line of life. But, more often than not, unlike school, there is no focus or purpose other than to just get by.

If you had the “just get by” mentality in school then you ran a greater risk of failure. The same is true for life. Learn enough to “just get by” and the grades for your life will be C’s, D’s and possibly a large number of F’s.

All of us will get C’s, D’s and F’s at times in life. But if you put your focus on learning how to live a better life the C’s, D’s and F’s will be fewer and the A’s and B’s will be more numerous.

You may have learned how to earn well. But have you learned to live well? Embrace self-education throughout your life and you will learn how to live well. When you learn how to live well you will embrace the truth that life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth. All you need is a focus on self-education to get on the stage, enjoy the acts and to leave a rich legacy to others of how to live well. That is your fortune.

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