From The Business Coaching Chronicles-Practice Pre-Choice

Pre-choice is one of the keys to business and personal success.  Pre-choice is about creating the future you desire.  Pre-choice is a small business growth strategy.  You may have heard the Pre-Choice-Business Man Deep In Thought expression, “There is tremendous power in a made up mind.”

Practicing Pre-Choice

When you make up your mind you are practicing pre-choice.  Too often I see many decisions made as a reaction and not part of deliberative thought.  You make up your mind quickly and then act.  Very often, because our perspective is diminished, when we are moving rapidly, we can make bad decisions.  In today’s hurry up world all of us are forced to react in making decisions.

Several years ago, I had a personal business coaching client, a self-employed business owner, who had a growing practice.  One day, some space came open in an office building with below market lease rates.  The location was perfect.  He had been subleasing space from another business.

Pre-Choice Is About Your Vision Of The Future

It wasn’t the right time to expand his space and his overhead.  Again, very seldom is the time absolutely right.  But, two years before, we had designed his vision of the future and what he wanted his business and life to look like.  When you design your vision of the future you are practicing pre-choice.

Part of that plan was to have his own office space.  Although he had wanted to be a little bigger before he took on more overhead, he decided immediately to take the space.  Why?  He had practiced pre-choice in putting together his plan.  He knew that although the timing wasn’t exactly right that this was necessary for him to move forward to having the business and life he desired.

The resulting move put him in a better position to grow.  He added sales, employees and profits.  Today he has a thriving practice.  Without designing his future and practicing pre-choice, he would have in all likelihood missed the opportunity.

Pre-Choice Allows You To Grab Today’s Opportunities

Practice pre-choice.  Look down the road.  Running a small business, among many other things, is about visualizing the choices you will be making in the future.

With the day to day needs very often that gets pushed to the side.  Be ready to turn the opportunities of today into the business and life you want tomorrow.  Practice pre-choice



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