Keys To Success: Believe In Yourself

Believe, Grow And Succeed

Believe, Grow And Succeed

What do you believe?  It is the single most important question you can ask yourself.  Why?  What you believe determines what you do.  In a nutshell, your beliefs control everything you do.

If you are an individual, self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional and want your talent to be taken to its highest level your results will be reflected in what you believe about yourself.  In personal business coaching I can assure you that what my clients believe about themselves is critical to a successful outcome.

Believe In A Positive Outcome

Too often people will focus on their talent.  Yet, the true secret from getting the most out of your talent is to start harnessing the power of your mind.

When you accomplish something worthwhile you believe in a positive outcome.  You must believe positively in order to accomplish.  If you are running a small business or starting your own business one of the keys to success is to strongly believe in yourself.

Strongly Believe In Yourself

I have heard “believing positively” called the “sure enough” syndrome.  If you expect to fail, sure enough, you will.  If you expect to succeed, sure enough, you will.

How come to believe positively is critical to success?  When you believe positively on the inside it will manifest itself on the outside.  Personal or small business success is truly an inside job.

Change What You Believe And Breakthrough To Success

Personal breakthroughs begin with a change in your beliefs.  Why?  Because your beliefs determine your expectations, and your expectations determine your actions.

Believe in yourself and it becomes a habit in your mind and your confidence becomes a conviction that you embrace.  There is a phrase from John Maxwell that sums this up nicely;  “In the long run, a belief is more than an idea that a person possesses.  It is an idea that possesses a person.”

Believe And Succeed

You need to expect to succeed.  Does that mean you will always succeed?  No.  You will fail.  You will make mistakes.  But when you believe in yourself you will expect to win, you will maximize your talent, and you will keep trying.

After all, you are not judged by the number of times you fail, but by the number of times you succeed.  And, the number of times you succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times you can fail and keep trying.  To keep moving forward on your growth and success track you must believe.




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