Keys To Success: Focus On What Can Be, Not Just What Is

Keys To SuccessThere are numerous keys to success in business and life.  One of the most important keys to success is to be able to get clear of the past.  If you want to take yourself down keep focusing on your past. 

Regardless of whether you are focusing on success or failure in the past when you do you are taking focus, time and energy away from the present and creating the future you desire. 

Keys To Success:  Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself

As a personal business coach “shoulding” on yourself is a disease that will rob you of your energy and focus to move forward to the small business success you desire.  In the keys to success, stop “shoulding” on yourself is at the top of the list. 

The word “should” is a deadly word.  I “should” have done this.  I “should” have done that.  I “should” have seen it coming.  The list goes on and on.  Just say it to yourself and you can start to feel the energy and enthusiasm leak from you. 

When you need all your energy and focus in starting your own business or running your own business the worst thing you can do is to “should” on yourself. 

Should is a direct hotline to the past.  It will keep you in the past.

Keys To Success:  Focus On What Can Be

Think about this.  You have a small business startup.  You have a well thought out startup business plan.  You have gathered a great deal of good entrepreneur information. You are doing success planning.  You have taken a business training course. You have a marketing business plan.  You have found a personal business coach who is into coaching success. You are focusing on what can be.

All of these are great activities because you are focusing on what can be in terms of small business success and your life.  You are ready to go.  But, you won’t go anywhere if you are stuck in the past.  Creating your own business and small business growth are about setting goals to create the future you desire. 

Keys To Success:  Exciting, Vivid Goals

Without exciting goals a business owner will wander around hoping he bumps into small business success.  You must have a clear picture of what can be.  You must have a clear vision of the future. 

Why?  Once the future is finished in your mind, then what you need to do in the present becomes absolutely clear.  When you focus on what can be, the pull of the future becomes an overriding force taking you out of the past and into an exciting present.

With a clear picture of the future the present becomes meaningful because it is another step in creating the business and life you desire. 

Yes, there are many keys to success.  Are you ready to grab the future that can be yours?  Go to Business Keys To and sign up for your own coaching success program.  Learn how to create your own unique keys to success and vision of the future.  And, more importantly you will receive action guides to use these keys to success to accomplish your vision. 

This is a membership course designed to guide you to create a vision of the future.  When you create a firm vision of the future, you will leave the past behind. It will lose its grip on you.  When you leave the past behind you will have stopped “shoulding” on yourself and grabbed one of the most important keys to success in business and life,

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