Keys To Success: Passion

Passion-Keep Your Fire Burning

Passion-Keep Your Fire Burning

Throughout my business experience I have found that passion is a key ingredient to small business success.  After all, if you don’t have passion about your product, service, company, and most importantly, yourself, it makes it that much harder to achieve personal and small business success.

In my personal business coaching practice I have observed that the clients who have the most passion also have the greatest degree of success.

Keys To Success:  Passion About Yourself

You have probably heard that true success is an “inside” job.  To succeed you must have passion about:

  1. “Who” you are.
  2. “What” you do.
  3. “How” you do it.
  4. “Why” you do it.

Lack of excitement in any of these areas will hold you back much more than you may realize. The most important area to be passionate about is YOU.  If you feel stuck or overwhelmed look at yourself and find something to change that will make you more excited about you.

After all, in business and life, we, so to speak, leak who we are.  What are you leaking about you?  How do you think?  How do you speak?  How do you dress?  Do you act with respect, kindness and consideration?

The answers to these questions and your passion about them are important keys to success.

Passion Is Your Value Proposition

In answering Who you are, What you do, How you do it and Why you do it you are establishing your value proposition to prospects, customers and client.  Too often this is forgotten.

I have collaborated with self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs and solo professionals who had the best technology and efficient systems but who fell short of where they wanted to be.

Once they understood that small business growth was not just about a great product or service and its delivery, but the passion with which it was delivered, their businesses and lives started to move forward and up.

Passion:  Look At Your Priorities

In running a small business or starting your own business I see self-employed business owners with passion but lacking clear priorities.  This is a recipe for disaster.

Be a person with passion but also priorities.  Without the right priorities and taking action on them personal and small business success is more likely to elude you.  Make sure that your daily priorities are in alignment with where you want to take your business and life.

With your priorities in alignment your passion will grow and help take you to the personal and small business success you desire.  Your success will be in your passion.





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