Keys To Success: Self-Improving

Self-Improving Will Get You On Target

Self-Improving Will Get You On Target

Embracing a self-improving way of life is not something most people readily get into.  Why?  In today’s hurry up, I have to have it now world, self-improving takes time.  If you are seeking greater personal or small business success, self-improving is the foundation from which to build.

Self-Improving—It’s About Fitness

Too often, the self-employed business owner, entrepreneur, solo professional or individual is looking for a quick fix.  Someone once said this about quick fixes.

“Everyone is looking for a quick fix, but what they really need is fitness.  People who look for fixes stop doing what’s right when pressure is relieved.  People who purse fitness do what they should no matter what the circumstances.”

Self-improving is about fitness.  You keep after it no matter what the circumstances.  Whether you are running a small business or starting your own business you must embrace the fitness regimen of self-improving to be successful.  The following are some keys to self-improving:


Self-improving people think about how they can improve today.  Self-improving team players think about how they can improve the team today.  Notice the word today.  They are not into sometime or somewhere in the future.  They are into today.

Self-improving people look for their potential learning moments today.  They look at what they learned today and see what they need to learn more about tomorrow.  As a business growth coach, I believe that preparation in learning is one of the most important keys to success.


I like the following quotation:  “If you study the lives of the truly great individuals who have influenced the world, you will find that in virtually every case, they spent considerable time alone—contemplating, meditating, listening.”   Time alone for reflection to contemplate, meditate and to listen to yourself is essential to self-improving.


Applying what you learn is the very often the most difficult part because it requires that you change.  Most people change only when they are hurting too much or they have learned enough that they want to.   Sometimes they change when they receive enough and they are able to.  But most of the time they won’t receive enough unless they have embraced self-improving.

Make it a goal to be self-improving.  Learn in order to improve every day.

Go out and learn something new today.  Reflect on what you have learned.  Apply it as soon as possible.  Do these three things and you will stay fit in self-improving.



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