Keys To Success: The Whatever-It-Takes Attitude

Whatever-It-Takes To Win The Trophy

Do Whatever-It-Takes To Win The Trophy

Do you have a whatever-it-takes attitude?  Think about it for a moment.  If you do, you are probably in a leadership position or on your way to becoming a leader.

As a self-employed business owner, entrepreneur or solo professional you may be in a position to lead others or possibly just yourself.  Regardless, if you don’t have a whatever-it-takes attitude it is going to be a challenge to have the small business success and growth you desire.

Employees And The Whatever-It-Takes Attitude

Few things gain the appreciation of the self-employed business owner or entrepreneur than an employee with a whatever-it-takes attitude.  This type of employee is willing to think outside of their job description.  They are willing to tackle the kinds of jobs that others are too proud or too frightened to take on.

Employees That Don’t Have The Whatever-It-Takes Attitude

Few things are more frustrating to the self-employed small business owner than having someone refuse to do a task because it is “not his job.”  And, if you are the leader of your business, department or a leader in a company you really can’t lead because these people will not follow.

These people do not understand one thing.  The goal is more important than the role.  In my personal business coaching practice this is one of the things I emphasize to help my clients move up and beyond their current position.

The Leader And The Whatever-It-Takes Attitude

If you expect your employees to have a whatever-it-takes attitude you must have the same outlook.  Good leaders think in terms of the big picture.  They understand that in running a small business or starting your own business that the big picture goal is critical.  They are thinking in terms of the whatever-it-takes attitude.

And, they understand that they have to set the example for their employees by thinking outside of their job description.  They have to model what they want others to follow.  They have to understand and model the attitude that the goal is more important than the role.

With the whatever-it-takes attitude you will move your business forward.  If you are in a company you will move up in leadership.  As you grow your business or move up in leadership you will hire someone to replace you.

When you do that you know you are on a good tract.  And to continue on this tract, cultivate and perpetuate your winning attitude–whatever-it-takes.



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