Thanksgiving-The Start Of The Holiday Season

Holiday Season For All

Holiday Season-Even For Dogs

The Holiday Season is upon us with Thanksgiving taking the initial bow in a couple of days.  Yet for many self-employed business owners the Holiday season is a time of great stress and little joy.

Holiday Season—Your Feelings Are Valid

I have read many articles on this subject and the first thing they will tell you is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  In a very subtle way, these articles and writers are telling you that your feelings aren’t valid.

Regardless of how you feel about Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season your feelings are valid.  If you are feeling a sense of impending fun and happiness, that is great.  I applaud you and encourage you to enjoy the Season and all the good memories you will be creating.

Holiday Season-High Stress

But for others, it can be a much different story.  The Holiday season can be threatening to the owner of a small business.  For many small businesses and their owners the Holidays represent an interruption in work, revenues and cash flow.  Also, if you have employees, their family needs must be considered.

Running a small business is difficult enough without any other stresses.  But, the aforementioned stresses that the Holidays bring of interruption in work, revenues and cash flow are really part of running a small business regardless of the season.  Also, employees and their families are always a consideration.

Holiday Season—It’s About Relationships

When I hear these given as reasons by business owners for not liking the Holidays I understand that these things can be part of their negativity.  But, in reality, very often they are just a cover to mask some more serious problems.

What are those problems?  In a nutshell, they all boil down to relationships. The first relationship is the one the business owner has with himself.  If he has become a splinter of a person, with no outside interests, that is not good.  After all, if you don’t take care of yourself and be the best “you”, how good can you be for others?

When the business owner has totally focused on his business then he has nothing to look forward to outside of work.  The Holidays mean he will be spending more time outside of work.  For this type of owner this is not a happy scene.

The second aspect of relationships has to do with family and friends.  Many small business owners fear the Holidays because they get to spend more time with family and close friends and they get a “report card” so to speak on these relationships.  This can create a great deal of fear, discord and anxiety.

When you are working all the time and your focus is business I can assure you that in most instances you will have some challenges to overcome in your personal life.  Let the Holidays be a wake up call to start putting greater priority on your relationship with yourself and others.

Priorities-Can Make For A Better Holiday Season

A joyous Holiday Season is one where you have your priorities straight.  Start with this Holiday Season, if your relationships need some polishing, to make your relationships a priority.

Learn the art of letting go of something truly important, your business, for something that truly matters, your relationships.  Put your focus on appreciating others.  Lift others up.  It is easy to find the negative.  Find the good in others.  Be a good finder.  What you send out will come back.

In the end, your business, the human doing is important.  But your legacy is built on your relationships, the human being, because they are what truly matters.

Wishing you your best Thanksgiving and Holiday Season yet!



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