The art of business is the art of war

Is your mindset to win in business? Every self-employed business owner would say and emphatic—“YES!” Yet, in looking at their actions many are more interested in creating a job that fills time and the result very often is that their business is their life and their life is their business. They may earn a good income but they are in bondage to the very thing they created to give them more freedom. Here are some thoughts on success in business and life. You must play to win.

The art of business is the art of war. Just as you go into war with the idea of winning. You must do the same in business. You don’t go into war with the idea of becoming a hostage to your enterprise. Don’t become a hostage to your business. You are fighting for your territory…and your life. Your marketing plan is your military strategy. To protect your hard won gains and to advance you must have a solid ground strategy. How are you and your product or service connecting with customers on the ground? Also, you must entertain other strategies as you grow. Your strategy to win the air part of the war can be advertising on radio or TV. Direct mail can be like your navy…..firing missles of advertising into people’s homes. Regardless just like war, you are in it to win. And just like war, when you win you get to go home and enjoy life.

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