The Job Search Challenge—What Is Your Job Search Process?

The biggest challenge in the job search process is creating a method that generates leads for you.  Some people think life is about outcome.  Outcomes are important and when we take on the job search challenge we want a positive outcome.

Yet, the key to overcoming and winning the job search challenge is the job search process.  PROCESS DETERMINES OUTCOME!

The Job Search Process Goal—Continuing Momentum

As a personal business coach collaborating with my clients the number one enemy in the job search challenge is a loss of momentum.  When you have momentum you have energy and you interview better and more possibilities are likely to be opened to you.

There is nothing more discouraging than to have a great interview and they tell you that they will get back to you in a month.   You can sit there and wait and hope they call you.  The result is that you will lose momentum and your positive perspective.  The key is that you want to be creating new opportunities on a continuous basis.

The Job Search Process

The key to keeping momentum is in your activity.  As much as possible you must approach the job search process like a full-time job.  An indifferent attitude will get you nowhere.  You can’t ho-hum or drift your way to the top of the mountain.

You must get out there and make it happen.  One of the things I have my clients start with is a list of people they know.  Very often there is resistance to this.  But I tell them, go to the people you know not looking for a job but for ADVICE.  This is the key.  Think about it.

If someone approached you and said, “I need a job” you immediately feel a little distance and depending on the person or situation a little or a lot of pressure.  This is not good.  Likewise if you take this same approach people will be pushed away from you and see you as needy.

When you ask for advice on your resume or career search just shut up and listen.  If you push back, you are defeating the whole purpose and showing them that you were not really interested in what they might have to offer.

The Job Search Process—Continuing

Find as many people as you can to give you advice.  If they offer suggestions on your resume take them to heart.  Set a follow up appointment and show them the changes you have made and ask them what they think.  At this point, ask them if they know any one who may be kind enough as they were to sit down with you and go over your resume.  There is a good chance they will know someone.

Any one who helps you should receive a thank you note.  When you allow people to give you advice instead of asking for a job you are allowing them to take ownership of the process to help you get where you want to go.

In brief, if you follow this process consistently, you will, in many instances, end up sitting in front of the person who has the job you are looking for and is ready to hire you.  I have seen this work over and over again.  Does it always work?  No.  But, to overcome the job search challenge and to increase the odds of a successful job search process, asking for advice works at keeping your momentum.

When you keep your momentum in the job search process you are closer to your goal of having the career, job or life you desire.



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