What’s Your Headline?

“Good people are found, not changed. Recently I read a headline that said, ‘We don’t teach people to be nice. We simply hire nice people.’ Wow! What a clever short cut.”

According to various reputable sources a business will hire 80% of all its problems. That means that the remaining 20% doesn’t have to do with people. That is an alarming thought. What is even more interesting is that these people are qualified to do the jobs they are hired for.

For the most part they have the education and the skills. What is missing? They lack interpersonal skills, or even worse, the people you have in your organization, or possibly yourself lack the interpersonal skills to build a good team.

In business, as in sports, it is not the most talented group of individuals that wins. It is the group of individuals that function best as a team. If you hire qualified people who are nice you have just increase your odds of dropping that 80% to 70%. That will make a huge, positive difference to your business and all those who work in it.

Good hiring practices are a must. Look for nice people who are qualified. They will not only perform the task but will have the interpersonal skills to minimize the stresses that come in meeting business objectives and goals.

The task side of things is the easy part. What is interesting is that if the personal side is not right it will bring down the task side as well. How well people relate to each other will directly impact what they and the organization will accomplish.

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