Where Are Your Assets: Part 2

In the previous week’s post we started to talk about assets you can build as opposed to assets you can buy. It is the assets that you build that allow you to utilize the assets you buy.

Three assets you can build are:

Your brand.



If you haven’t built these assets then you are always starting over from scratch.

Seth Godin offers some more insights that can help you get where you want to go.

“Think about the individual, the entrepreneur or the small organization that has built up trust with a given market, that has permission to talk to that market and that has the expertise to execute on what it promises…. Once you have those three, you call the shots. If, on the other hand, you’re merely a hard-working employee, doing what you’re told, you’re never going to get what your effort ought to produce.

Other assets companies can build include processes or machinery and a loyal and talented workforce. Individuals, though, can pay attention to, protect and amplify the first three as they do their work. They don’t take care of themselves, because there’s always pressure to trade them in for short-term rewards.

One of the biggest changes the connection economy has brought is that assets are no longer reserved for companies and organizations. Now that everyone has the an ability to own a slice of the attention paid to media, now that everyone can build and nurture a network, assets are no longer off limits to people who work for a living.

Your choice: intentionally build and nurture your assets, or ignore them in the pursuit of the next thing…..”

In today’s fast paced hurry up world it is easy to move onto the next thing and not build and nurture our assets. The adventure that is success requires that we build and nurture our assets. Too often, in looking for newness or the next sure thing we stop nurturing what we have. As long as you are creating newness in nurturing and building your assets then the adventure that is success is much more likely to create the pathways to the business and life you desire.

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